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Important Events related to Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar

Important Events

Important Events related To Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar


  • 14th April 1891 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar born at Mahu in Madhya Pradesh.
  • 1907 Married to nine year old Ramabai.
  • 1907 Passed matriculation examination from Elphinstone High School, Bombay.
  • 1912Passed B. A. from Elphinstone College, Bombay.
  • 15th June 1913 Leaves for the U.S.A. to join Columbia University, New York.
  • June 1915 Awarded M.A. degree in Economics.
  • June 1916 Awarded Doctorate in Philosophy degree.
  • 1918 - 1920 Teaches at Syndenham College of Commerce & Economics, Bombay.
  • 31st January 1920 Started " Muknayak " Magzine
  • September 1920 Leaves for London to complete his studies.
  • June 1921 Awarded M. S. degree
  • 1922 Awarded Bar-at-law Degree
  • October 1923 Awarded D.Sc. Degree & called to the Bar
  • June 1924 Starts legal practice at the Bombay High Court.
  • 20th July 1924 Launches Bahiskrit Hitkarini Sabha "


  • 1926 Nominated member of Bombay Legislative Council; served till 1934
  • 3rd April 1927 Starts Marathi fortnightly, the Bahishkrit Bharat at Bombay.
  • 25th Dec 1927 Led " Chavadar Tale "Satryagraha at Mahad.
  • 1928 Appointed lecturer at Government Law College, Bombay.
  • 3rd March 1930 Starts Kalaram Temple Entry Satyagraha at Nashik.


  • 1930 - 1932 Attends three Round Table Conferences
  • 24th Sept. 1932 Poona pact (or Yeravda Pact) signed.
  • 22ndApril 1933 Gandhiji - Ambedkar meeting at Yeravda Jail.
  • 27th May 1935 Wife Ramabai dies.
  • 1st June 1935 Appointed Principal in Government Law College.
  • 13th Oct. 1935 Presides over Depressed Classes Conference at Yeola, Dist. Nashik.
  • 1935 Appointed Perry Professor of Jurisprudence.
  • 19th July 1937 Elected to the Bombay Provincial Legislative Assembly
  • 7th Aug. 1937 Floats a new political party, the Independent Labour Party
  • 22nd June 1940 Dr. Ambedkar meets Subhash Chandra Bose.
  • 1940 Published " Thoughts on Pakstian " Book.
  • 20th Mar. 1942 Cripps & Dr. Ambedkar meet.
  • April 1942 Forms All India Scheduled Castes Federation.
  • 2nd July 1942 Appointed member of the Viceroy 's Executive Council.
  • 20th July 1942 Appointed as Labour Minister.
  • 7th July 1945 Starts People ' s Education Society.
  • 27th Nov. 1945 President of 7th Hindi Labour Conference
  • 20th June 1946 Starts Siddharth College in Bombay
  • 1946Elected to the Constituent Assembly from Bengal
  • July 1947 Nominated to the Constituent Assembly by the Indian National Congress.
  • August 1947 Appointed Law Minister in the Nehru Cabinet.
  • 29th August 1947 Constituent Assembly appoints a Drafting Committee with Ambedkar as Chairman.


  • 15th April 1948 Marries Dr. Sharada Kabir, a Sarswat Brahmin.
  • October 1948 Published " Asprushya " Book.
  • 14th Nov. 1949 Presents the Draft Constitution in the Constituent Assembly.
  • 26th Nov. 1949 Accepted Indian Constitution.
  • 1st Sept. 1950 Established Milind College.
  • 5th Feb. 1951 Introduces Hindu Code Bill in the Parliament.
  • 25th Sept. 1951 Resigns from the Nehru Cabinet
  • March 1952 Nominated by Bombay Legislature to the Rajya Sabha.
  • 5th June 1952 The Columbia University conferred the honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws.]


  • December 1954 Leaves for Rangoon for third World Buddhist Conference
  • 14th Oct. 1956 Embraced Buddhism at Nagpur.
  • 15th Nov. 1956 Leaves for Kathmandu for 4th World Buddhist Conference
  • 6th Dec. 1956 Dies in sleep at Delhi.
  • 14th April 1990 Awarded the Bharat Ratna Award. (Posthumous)

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