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Jai Bhim friends!

The Ambedkarite Today is on annual fund raising drive. Our target is $ 15000 or Rs 10 Lakh to keep The Ambedkarite Today going for another year. Kindly lend your helping hand to keep Ambedkarite Today alive. Don’t wait for others to do the job for you. Please chip in with whatever you can.

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Ravi Parmar
Chief Editor


The Ambedkarite Today independent journalism takes a lot of time, money and hard work to produce content that matters to Tribal, Dalits, Minority, Youth, Women Rights  . But we do it because we believe our perspective matters, we need to have our own media and our voice, – because it might well be your perspective, too.

Topics We Cover

Dalit Lives Matter, Adivasi Lives Matter, Dalit History, Tribal Affairs, Dalit Woman, Dalit Politics, Atrocities, Mob Lynching, Reservation, Representation, Justice, Law, Human Rights, Minority, Rights, Youth Affairs,  Women Rights.  Capitalism,  Brahminism, Philosophy.

AmbedkariteToday.Com website is not supported by any corporate or political parties as many other online portals are, neither do we have any investment from businesses. We believe in speaking the truth and bringing out the caste realities which are kept hidden by mainstream media. We work on bringing out Dalit-Bahujans history and culture which have been sidelined till now.

This independent journalism to fight against the caste atrocities and hegemony of certain castes is only possible when you support us. Please consider donating and supporting by sharing the content of the website with others. Help us in our endeavour to fight against caste discrimination, stand for equality and struggle for establishing the ideology of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar and many other Dalit-Bahujan ideals.

When you support The Ambedkarite Today, you help to fight injustice and discrimination that has impoverished millions of people designated by birth as untouchable. You give us the means to help some of the most oppressed people on earth. Your generous support can empower thousands of Dalits by giving them the tools they need to create a better life for themselves and their families.

Crowdfunding The Ambedkarite Today Of  Change

Crowdfunding is a participative way of financing works you value. To crowdfund, we have developed a subscription programme. What is unique about our subscription programme is that unlike the usual subscriber based magazines , news papers or websites, Ambedkarite Today will be available to non subscribers as well. Our subscription programme is only to raise funds for our survival and to set aside an amount for our future growth, ie, it’s not for profit. By our subscription programme, those who can contribute support or subsidize those who can’t pay. By paying you are helping The Ambedkarite Today to reach thousands of others who can’t pay.

The Ambedkarite Today uses Orcsnet and PayUMoney, to collect our annual digital subscription.

Our annual subscription amount is Rs 1000 for Indian readers and $ 50 overseas readers.

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Indian readers may use PayUMoney to make an online payment. Only Indian readers can make payment using PayUMoney. All PayUMoney transactions are in Indian Rupees. Our annual subscription amount is Rs 1000. However, you can pay any amount according to your capability and your willingness to support the cause

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