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Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and his Last Message to the people

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and his Last Message to the people

Once Our beloved Father Dr.Babasaheb Said,"Our Educated Students are a source of great sorrow and disappointment to me. Not one of them is ready to do social work. I have always held that Knowledge is power in every field of life. We will not attain not goal of freedom and Liberty until we drink deep of all knowledge". Just here we took notice of his words. Mind blows there is no distinction till. Who can we blame? Do you think who else? He also said,"Educate, Agitate and Organize". But? Of Course today our youngsters are spark and shining in every field. There is no doubt in it.

Here I won't give the list but just say few more. Take our Brother Sasikanth Senthil IAS from Chennai who was India's Topper in Main Exam of UPSC and so many on. It is true that the discrimination practice on our Scheduled Class are unrestrained. There has been no basic change in Caste system after nearly 67 years of Independence India. Still we are struggle. Still we are the victims of thousands years suppression patches but in reality, our people yet not know who they are? How we became as such like fold? Why we have been discriminated?

Whatever so we are little bit position-able today, it is because of Revolutionary Dr. BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR. Without him, it is impossible to imagination such like. But, there are too Questions which makes pitiable over where we born among. Is it Babasaheb Mission fulfill today? Are we secure our whole human rights? Why still we are suppressed? How long so it will happen in this society? How many of we really follows our father? If Babasaheb had thought about only his life and family, at what suit we would have today? Why most of our guys can't understand it? It is very hard to see among ours as after enjoying the fruits of Babasaheb lifelong struggle and sacrifice, at most are selfish, forgetting their past and the struggle behind them. I have no hesitation, today Babasaheb name is used as business by everybody. What a hell? None mostly vicious about his mission. Sometimes anger comes over mind about our youngsters. Most of these idiots are seeking pleasures only and not even single think about where they from and our brothers. Has the situation changed today? Babasaheb wanted our to contribute for the cause of the upliftment of our society. How many people do it? How many people follows Babasaheb with Buddha teachings? Till date most among our have stagnant sticking and not follows our Buddhism. The most ungrateful one it is..!

Yes, Its our duty to educate our younger generation about our history and our culture. Every one must think what Babasaheb did in 1956. That's our generation should through off the label patches and follow our Buddhism. We the people are ancient Buddhist/ Sakyans. If you all clutches in present as like, it will not endover and am sure that we all roaring with Caste Hindus. Without history nobody will not build their own strong society. We should prove inferior to none in intelligence and capacity and also not merely concern of our personal, we should lead our society to be free,to be strong and to be respected.

Secondly Education, especially Women's Education with Buddha and Babasaheb path which enlighten our society to up in all field. I strongly believe that Our women can shackles all hurdles and Change the society, If she is in Literate Mind. Because they have been carried from one generation to another generation. Take our Iron Lady of India Bahenji Mayawathi. How she is...! Really great..!

However, According to a report, It is bitter one that the dalit women literacy rate in India. As a village boy, I know the literacy rate of women are lower in villages. I found that first reason is Poverty. Because of their poverty, their parents were forced to work them. So, they became illiterate. The second thing that I found many were forced to get married at young age which stop schooling. It is bitter truth. So,we are responsibilities to give awareness in villages. And now a days quiet pinch changeable in it. Well..!

When I read the Last Message of our father, tears rolling down from my eyes. How Babasaheb had so much unbearable pain in his heart...! His last message,

"You people do not know what is troubling me and what makes me sad. The first worry to my mind is that, I have not been able to fulfil my life's Mission. I Wanted to see my people a Governing class in my life time,sharing the political power in Terms of Equality with others. I am now almost crippled, is being enjoyed by the educated few, who with the their desympathies for their downtrodden brethren. They have surpassed my imagination. They live for themselves and their personal gains. Not one of their ruination. I now wanted to divert my attention towards the vast illiterate masses in the villages, who continue to suffer and remained almost unchanged economically. But life seems short. I also wanted that all my books be published during my life time. The very idea of my being helpless to complete the monumental task of publishing my books : "Buddha and Karl Marx," "Revolution & Counter Revolution in Ancient India," and "Riddles of Hinduism, distress me terribly as nobody will be able to publish these after me. I also wanted some one from among the Depressed Classes to come forward, in my life time and take the heavy responsibility of running the movement after me. There, however, seems none who would rise to the occasion. My lieutenants, in whom I had full faith and confidence to run the movement, are fighting among themselves for leadership and power, unmindful for the heavy responsibility that is going to fall upon them. I also wanted still to serve this country and its people. It is a sin to take birth is a country whose people are not prepared to listen to any other view which does not concur with that of the Prime Minister. To what extent the Country is sinking? Anyhow I have done a lot inspite of the abuses hurled at me from all sides and I will continue to do so till my death. Whatever I have done, I have been able to do after passing through crushing miseries and endless struggle all my life and fighting with my opponents. With great difficulty I have brought this caravan where it is seen today. Let the caravan march on despite the hurdles that may come in its way. If my lieutenants are not able to take the caravan ahead they should leave it there, but in no circumstances should they allow the caravan to go back. This is the message to my people."

Let everyone of our should take the responsibility to complete the unfulfilled dream of Babasaheb, is the real homage to him. I hope it will happen in upcoming especially from Youngsters side. It is bitter for me that all are here cheering the name of Babasaheb but not his mission. They all are seeking enjoyment after they all get a good position. So, finally I ends up and Its our prime responsibility of every educated youth should serve our poor. Take Pledge today itself that after reaching good position, we don't forget our illiterate mass. We should have degree of Political sound, Progress in education. Also we should bondage with unique banner as Ambedkarite/ Buddhism/ Sakya Dalits beyond the useless State Nationalism or Languages or inner castes among our. If not, am sure it would lead our society lower.

With regards,

Jai bheem..!
Long Live Ambedkarism....!!

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