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The name 'Ambedkar' was not given by a Brahmin Teacher

Ambedkar’ is not a Brahmin surname. Are there any surviving Brahmins with the surname Ambedkar? If no, doesn't this indicate that Ambedkar is not a Brahmin surname?

The name 'Ambedkar' was not given by a Brahmin Teacher

There have been a lot of rumors going around about Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar's name. It has been said that a Brahmin Teacher changed Babasaheb name in school records but there is no authentic proof of such thing. The name 'Ambedkar' was not given by a Brahmin Teacher. But it was the surname of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s father 'Ramji Maloji Ambedkar'. This information was mentioned in Indian Information under the caption ‘Personalities’ dated on March 1, 1943.

I have been asking this question for several years now and to date have not come across anyone who knows of any Brahmin with the surname Ambedkar.

I have come across many instances on the Internet where attempts to Brahminise the Ambedkar surname have been made.

This produced doubts in my mind as to the origin of the surname Ambedkar, leading me to conclude that the story about the 'good' Brahmin who loved Babasaheb Dr B.R. Ambedkar so much as to name him ‘Ambedkar’ after his own surname, could be a fake story.

Could it be that the teacher made an error and misspelled ‘Ambevadekar’, which means a person from Ambevad, Dr Ambedkar’s home village ? I mean it's very common to pronounce and spell names differently in languages other than the native tongue (Sorry if I've misspelled it too).


Could it be that the teacher did not want others to know that there was an untouchable Ambevadekar in his school, so as not to encourage other untouchables into education?


Could it be none of the above and the young Bhimrao’s father, Ramji had DELIBERATELY decided to give his children a surname that is not related to his ancestry.


I say this because AFTER the system of surnames was adopted, Babasaheb’s father name was written as 'Ramji Maloji AMBEDKAR'.

(Reference: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Writings and Speeches, English Volume -10 / Tamil Volume - 18)

I have also asked similar questions on other social media platforms too. All answers received were in the negative.

Are there any surviving Brahmins you know of whose surname is Ambedkar? How many are there? Are there any? Were there ever any?

If your responses are also “NO”

we must expose it as a fake story

I am willing to change my mind if someone can provide concrete proofs.

  1. There is also a theory that a school teacher of Bhimrao was so impressed by this talented boy that he asked him to adopt his surname “Amravadkar” (as if the genius Bhimrao would fall for it). If this is true then why isn't he known as Amravadkar? Where did “Ambedkar” come from?
  2. At times, even on important documents, Dr Ambedkar’s name was spelt differently. In the following application form, for admission into London School of Economics, his first name is spelt as BHIM RAV not Bhimrao. The point I'm making is that there isn't a right or wrong way to spell foreign names and words. So ‘Ambedkar’ on school documents instead of ‘Ambevadekar’ is no big deal and there is no need to unnecessarily attribute this incident to any one person (unless of course, someone or some group, has vested interests.)
                                     The name 'Ambedkar' was not given by a Brahmin Teacher

No one seems to be making an issue of how Bhimrav became Bhimrao or vice versa. Then WHY DID THE NEED ARISE TO EXPLAIN how Ambevadekar became Ambedkar ?


There is further convincing evidence available from Bhimrao’s school records that AMBEDKAR IS NOT A BRAHMIN SURNAME (NOR WAS IT GIVEN TO BHIMRAO AMBEDKAR BY A BRAHMIN TEACHER WITH THE SAME SURNAME)


The surname ‘Ambedkar’ can be found in the attendance register of ‘Pratap Singh High School’ (the school that Bhimrao attended)

                    The name 'Ambedkar' was not given by a Brahmin Teacher


Why cannot the surname ‘Ambedkar ‘ -be found in the list of teachers at the same school?

                                The name 'Ambedkar' was not given by a Brahmin Teacher

See the following link (in Hindi). Photo graphs and Further information provided by 

आंबेडकर सरनेम ब्राम्हण ने दिया, ये झूठा प्रचार है।

खुला चैलेंज, अगर बाबासाहब डॉ. भीमराव रामजी आंबेडकर जिस स्कूल में पढ़ा करते थे, उस प्रतापसिंह हाइस्कूल की अटेंडेंस रजिस्टर में बाबासाहब के नाम के आगे #आंबेडकर, ये सरनेम, दर्ज किया हुवा दस्तावेज  प्रतापसिंह हाइस्कूल से मिल सकता है, तो जिन्होंने ये नाम दिया, वो आंबेडकर सरनेम वाले ब्राम्हण शिक्षक की अटेंडेंस रजिस्टर (या सैलरी रजिस्टर) में उनका आज तक कोई जिक्र क्यों नही है?

- राजरत्न अम्बेडकर (आनंदराव रामजी अम्बेडकर और डॉ. भीमराव रामजी आंबेडकर का वंसज

आंबेडकर सरनेम किसी ब्राम्हण ने नही दिया।

ये रहा सबूत!

ब्राम्हण और आरएसएस से जुड़े हुए लोग आज अचानक इस बात का प्रचार करना शुरू कर दिए है कि बाबासाहब को ब्राम्हण मुख्याध्यापक ने अपना खुद का नाम दिया है।

तो आज मैं आप लोगों के सामने दो महत्वपूर्ण दस्तावेज रखना चाहता हु।

पहला, प्रतापसिंह हाइस्कूल का अटेंडेंस रजिस्टर जिसमे बाबासाहब का जिक्र। #भिवा_रामजी_आंबेडकर ऐसा किया हुवा दस्तावेज।

और दूसरा,  प्रतापसिंह हाइस्कूल की १८५१ से लेकर आज तक के मुख्याध्यापको की सूची जो खुद हइस्कूल ने अपने केबिन में लगाई है।

इस सूची मैं कही पर भी #आंबेडकर सरनेम वाले #ब्राम्हण मुख्याध्यापक का नाम नही है।

आंबेडकर सरनेम किसी  ब्राम्हण ने नही दिया बल्कि, ये उपनाम खुद बाबासाहब के पिताजी  सुभेदार मेजर रामजी आंबेडकर ने तय किया। स्कूल प्रशासन ने केवल #अम्बाडवेकर से  आंबेडकर किया।

-राजरत्न आंबेडकर (12/06/2019)


Ambedkar’ is not a Brahmin surname and so could not have been given to Bhimrao by a Brahmin teacher who loved him so much as to name him after his own surname . Nor was Dr Ambedkar a Brahmin himself
Editors Note - This Article was appeared first on QUORA written by Shekhar Bodhakar a anti caste activist, 

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