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We have lost another rohith vemula in the name of payal tadvi

Three seniors, identified as Hema Ahuja, Bhakti Mehar and Ankita Khandelwal, have been accused of harassing and ragging Payal. However, none of them have been arrested yet.

Payal Tadvi (inset) and BYL Nair Hospital

Payal Tadvi (inset) and BYL Nair Hospital

Medical student commits suicide after casteist slurs by seniors. 

A 26-year-old resident doctor at the government-run BYL Nair Hospital in Mumbai Central was found hanging on May 22, with her kin alleging that she committed suicide as she was harassed by her seniors for her caste. 

Abeda Tadvi, mother of victim Dr Payal Tadvi, alleged that her daughter’s complaints to her lecturers were ignored. “I spoke to her around 4pm that day and she told me that she was being mentally tortured. She had complained to me earlier as well and I had requested the lecturers to address the issue but they ignored it. I also tried to meet the dean, but I was not allowed. I want justice for my daughter. The medical registration of the girls who harassed by daughter should be suspended,” she said.

Her father Salim told, "The first six months were fine; some words had been exchanged between seniors and juniors, but Payal never thought it would lead to torture. As soon as it happened in December 2018, she told us about it. We discussed this with her husband, Dr. Salman [Tadvi], who said things like these keep happening and she should just ignore them.

Taunted About Caste

But her suffering did not end. Dr Payal was taunted about her caste and her admission to the course through the reserved quota. Her parents decided to act on it. Abeda said, "We had started reporting this to the officials concerned. We had even met a lecturer and the hostel warden, who had called these three seniors and asked them not to behave this way with Payal.

She was advised to focus on her studies instead of responding to such acts." No other action was taken against the trio. Abeda added, "Had they acted swiftly and shown sensitivity, my daughter would have been alive today. I had called her in the afternoon of May 22, when she told me her seniors were still torturing her. I told her that her father and I were coming to Mumbai to file a complaint at the hospital and the police station, but she couldn't bear it any longer."

The accused doctors also used to defame Payal on WhatsApp groups of students, a police official said.

Deepak Kundal, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Agripada. (Photo: ANI)

Deepak Kundal, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Agripada. (Photo: ANI)

"We have lodged a case under Atrocities Act, Anti-ragging Act and IT Act, and Section 306 of Indian Penal Code (IPC). Further probe is currently underway," said Deepak Kundal, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Agripada.

Asked if the victim was harassed because she got admission through reservation quota, Kundal said, "We are investigating the matter as per the complaints lodged by the complainant. The case has been lodged under the Atrocities Act to investigate this angle."

The police have reportedly registered a case against three female doctors.

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