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Top Quotes Of Kanshiram | Top 10 Quotes of Manywar Kanshiram

Quotes Of Kanshi Ram 

Top Quotes Of Kanshiram | Top 10 Quotes of Manywar Kanshiram


Sahib Shri Kanshi Ram was born on March 15, 1934, in Khawas Pur village of Ropar District of Punjab (India). He was the eldest of eight siblings. He belonged to the Ramdassia (Ad Dharmi/Mulnivasi) community of the Scheduled Caste group, which is the largest group in Punjab. He was named Kanshi because after his birth the midwife placed him in a tray made of kansa metal. His father owned some land and his uncles were in the armed forces. In Sahib Shri Kanshi Ram's own words, "I was born and brought up amongst those who sacrificed themselves but never betrayed the country...” Despite his low caste background, he earned a bachelor’s degree in science from the Government College at Ropar (Punjab).

Top Quotes Of Manywar Kanshi Ram 

Upper castes ask us why don’t we include them in the party but I tell them that you are leading all the other parties. If you join our party you will prevent change. I am scared to take upper castes in the party. They try to maintain status quo and always try to seize leadership. This will thwart the process of changing the system.

Till the time there is caste I’ll use it for the benefit of my community. If you have a problem, end caste system.

Where Brahminism is a success, no other ‘ism’ can succeed, we need fundamental, structural, social changes.

For long we’ve been knocking at the doors of the system, asking for justice & getting nothing, it’s time to break down those doors.

We will not stop until we unite the victims of the system and overthrow the spirit of inequality in our country.

I place Gandhi in the category of Shankaracharya & Manu (of Manu Smriti) that he cleverly managed to keep 52% OBCs at the edge.

A community that doesn’t have representation in the political power, that community is dead.

We don’t want social justice, we want social transformation. Social justice depends on the person in the power. Suppose at one time, some good leader comes to power and people get social justice and are happy but when a bad leader comes to power it turns into injustice again. So, we want whole social transformation.

Till the time we won’t be successful in politics and not able to have power in our hands,  the social and economic transformation is not possible. Political power is the key to success.

To get the power, there is a need of mass movement, converting that mass movement into votes, then converting votes into seats, further converting the seats into [power at] states, and lastly converting the [power at] states into [power at] center. This is the mission and aim for us.

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